About Us


Ringling College of Art Alumna


Kathleen Winder, owner of Final Touch Frame & Gallery, has a formal background in fine art which gives her an edge in the custom picture framing industry. She graduated from Ringling College of Art in Sarasota with a major in Fine Art and a minor in Print Making. Her senior year she was awarded the prestigious presidential seal for her triptych etching. 

Both of Kathleen’s parents were professional artists. She recalls $50 oil paint brushes drying in the toothbrush holder and using quality art supplies for play. The paintings which hung from floor to ceiling had been framed by her father. She overheard the discussions between her parents and other artists on which framing designs worked, which didn’t and why. She has seen framing styles come and go for over 5 decades. Kathleen brings that knowledge with her to work every day.


Hand Made Gift Gallery


Fun Funky Functional

You will find local and national artisans with a sprinkling of Fair Trade items. Whether you are looking for handmade jewelry or  left handed cooking utensils or crazy candles you will be delighted and amazed by the talented artists and their creations.


Established 1987

 Custom Picture FramingFrom Elegant to Edgy we have your style. 

  • Jerseys and Medals
  • Canvas Stretching
  • Needle Work Framing
  • Shadow Boxes
  • Fine Art
  • Certificates and Diplomas
  • Photography
  • Archival and Conservation Framing

Is it too big to fit in your car? We can pick it up.